The newest product from the Best-selling Organic Kid’s cereal brand

While working at Natures Path as a part of the marketing team I worked collaboratively with the visual designer and brand manager on the development of Turtle Splash, the new addition to the Envirokidz cereal line. We created designs for US and Canadian markets and I was responsible for developing the US layout into a bilingual format, while working with regulatory to ensure the packaging was compliant.

San Francisco advertising agency Camp + King helped Envirokidz launch a campaign empowering kids to learn about endangered animals and to brain storm kid friendly ways they can help. I was asked by the brand manager of Envirokidz to design wireframes and a layout that integrated with the online application Camp + King had developed and provide assets to iomota. I designed an innovative digital experience for kids to adopt a turtle, an offer presented on the back of the cereal box. I created a graphic counter for kids to see how many sea turtles have been saved so far reinforcing their efforts. In addition I designed a certificate of adoption that kids can view and print from the website.

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