Klondike Kettle Corn

Klondike Kettle Corn is a family-run business that started in 2011 at the Fireweed Summer Market in Whitehorse, Yukon. Since that time, the business has expanded its product lines and reach now being sold at holiday markets, gas stations, coffee shops, and grocery stores. The brand prides itself on offering a high quality product made fresh and local. It strives to be inclusive and approachable and be a face and a person tied to the brand and very much in front of the brand. Connection and bringing people together are at the core of what the brand is about. It also strives continually invent new flavours and flavour combinations to keep its products interesting and offer its customers something new and different. The website carries the sense of quality of the brand, which is fun, casual and outgoing. The brand is warm, inviting, fun, colourful and bright, but is put together and of the highest quality.

Selene Vakharia (SMRT Popups) – Copy writing, marketing strategy, creative brief
Monika Melnyhcuk – Illustrations
CBP Creative Media – Website Photography
Bonnie Bakery – Product Photography

Design Services

Art Direction
Creative Consulting
ECommerce Web Design
Packaging Design
Brand Refresh

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