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Since 2007 Laurie McBain of Kaleidoscope Design Inc and Chris Salas of Cocina Interior Design Ltd have been forming a partnership in A Collaborative Design Group. Together Chris and Laurie specialize in luxury and estate homes in the Calgary area. When working on projects they conceive the overall concepts together. Chris’ area of expertise lies in the technical drafting and design of cabinetry and overall interior design details, Laurie specializes in the finish selections, working with the trades on site and focusing on the finishing details. Combined, A Collaborative Design Group brings over 40 years of hands on design & trade experience.

I had the pleasure of working with Laurie McBain of Kaleidoscope Design Inc. and Chris Salas of Cocina Interior Design Ltd. Together Laurie and Chris formed A Collaborative Design Group. We wanted the brand to reflect their expertise with luxury and estate homes.

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